Why Law of Attraction is Not Working For you?


There were various distractions while practicing law of attraction when I was new to the technique. When you do any law of attraction practice, such as visualization or any other method, after a few days you may notice that it is not working for you and you feel disappointed with the results.

So I could figure out why it didn’t work for me.

Thoughts create reality according to the law of attraction. Every reality that surrounds you begins with a thought. For example, my tablet, which I am using to write this, your wallet, your car, your mobile phone, phone cover, and so on are all someone else’s ideas that have become reality as a creative result.

Now, Let’s talk about you.

Tell me how long you’ve been doing law of attraction techniques like visualization, sleeping meditation, water manifestation, pillow manifestation, and gratitude per day?

Think for a moment, that you are visualizing your goal for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 1 hour in the every morning. My question is, what are you thinking about the rest of the day?

You’ll may doing office work, housework, or business, writing, a sport, or whatever. Just after finishing your manifestation, such as visualization and spending the rest of the day with anxiety and frustration while doing daily routine with negative feelings of anger, jealousy, mad at people around you and continuously thinking about the outcome it creates doubts and scarcity mindset.

This will not result in the desired outcome. because you have too much attached to the outcome That is, if you apply vibrational frequencies that you do not want, those frequencies will begin to attract more and more of the same frequencies to you.

Let me give you an example.

If you manifest your life partner in the morning and then feel lonely and anxious about breakups and rejections throughout the day, you will attract more loneliness and anxiety. Everything we think generates energy. Vibration is energy. You have made a request for unwanted vibrations from the universe which are useless to you. This is where you must be cautious.

Remember, you can only attract abundance if you have a conscious mindset. That is why I advise you to consciously practice law of attraction techniques for about 21 days in the morning and before bed. Then you will feel as if you are absorbing the pattern. Then plan out the rest of your day. This is referred to as “set your goal and forget it.” Now you know why you need to forget and how to forget.

This is how I figured out why I get distracted and why the law of attraction doesn’t work.

I suggest you to use these techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind. I’m still sticking with it because I know it works for me. I receive signs when my manifesting outcome is ready, and I have already met specific goals.

Set the goal in the morning and before going to bed, and only attach to the outcome in the time of manifesting. Detach from the outcome for the rest of the day and trust the universe allowing positive energies to flow into your life.

I have a fantastic tip for you.

I received some hints within three months of manifesting. Later, I realized it was a message that my outcome had been planned. For example, a call from a friend after a long time or meeting new people etc. Because that could be the messenger from your desired destination. It was my personal experience. I’m also seeing repeated numbers. It is still happening to me. So, never ignore anything that begins to happen around you and take careful note of it.



My thoughts begin to fly where true experience meets theories. A practitioner of LOA vibes & an Independent counseling psychology researcher.

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Prasangi Kapuduwa

My thoughts begin to fly where true experience meets theories. A practitioner of LOA vibes & an Independent counseling psychology researcher.