Feeling Lonely In Your Relationship?


It feels great to connect with others until we are trying to get out of a bad relationship or break up with someone. There is a reason why you don’t know what’s going on inside a relationship, how it formed, and why it’s so painful.

Let’s look at the different stages of human connection and how they affect our relationships.

It is natural to want to feel wanted by your partner. It involves paying attention to your partner and showing an interest in their life. Being attentive is critical in a romantic relationship, and some people require more attention than others.


Take the relationship seriously. You both have different expectations. So stick together and ask about each other’s needs.

Do not let your partner to beg you for your attention.

Communicate everything clearly.

Connection is the sensation of being close to and connected to others. The experience of feeling close and connected to the partner sharing activities will influence how you behave.


If there is any misunderstanding, do not disconnect from the partner. Keep in touch until the matter is settled.

In a relationship, you’re starting to see that other people are being reliable.

For instance, in a relationship, you might tell your pals that he isn’t a phony because you’ve noticed him.

So, after a breakup, you’re having trouble overcoming those feelings because you believe the other person cheated on you.


Practice talking to each other and using your brain to think rationally when something happens.

In every relationship, there will be a power struggle.

But how?

This is when we are starting to figure out who someone is, but we need to put the relationship to the test to determine how much we can truly understand what the other person means.

When one person is trying to manipulate another, there will be honorable and dishonorable ways to engage in a power struggle to show their viewpoint.

In marriages, this is also becoming more common. Particularly in second marriages. A wife tries to control over her husband, while a husband tries to control over his wife.


It takes unconditional positive regard and unconditional acceptance for two people to connect and stay in touch until they reach their stage f maturity in their relationship.

The relationship will not develop unless two people make peace with each other and unconditionally accept one other’s flaws and imperfections. Because in a relationship, People act in such a judgmental and narrow-minded manner.

It is much easier to move with people if we accept them as they are. So acceptance is a choice. Acceptance lays the foundation for a long-term, healthy connection.

Accepting each other in a relationship is a great approach to achieve couple goals, but if it isn’t working out, it’s time to go on.

Consistency is defined by trust and a genuine desire to have a partner and develop a meaningful relationship. When you are consistent with your actions in the relationship, you instill trustworthiness in your partner.


What you should focus on is how consistent you are with your actions of being present in your relationship.

Don’t get into habits that you won’t be able to keep up with. Likewise, don’t act as if you adore something you don’t.

People commit to each on the condition that people remain the same as what they were initially attracted to.

“As long as you jump over my hopes and attend to my whims, then I’ll stay loyal” this is a conditional commitment. This is not a commitment we are talking here .

When we’re in a relationship, we get used to his or her appearance and eventually some people become bored with his or her personality. This is what happens in most relationships. However, it will not a long-term relationship.

The promise of love, trust, faith, and honesty underpins committed relationships.

You are immensely satisfied if you are committed.

Consider what you have to offer and what you expect from each other.

You must continually devote your time and effort in a happy relationship.

This is not about sexual intimacy; it’s about two people connecting on a gut level and being entirely at ease and trusting of each other.

This means that there is no comparison; it simply means that two people are learning to respect and comprehend what is true for both and much feel close and emotionally attached.

Physical intimacy

When hugging or holding hands, feel safe.

Emotional Intimacy

sharing personal feelings, bringing each other closer.

Intellectual Intimacy

Find new topics to discuss with your partner to keep things interesting in your relationship.

Experiential Intimacy

In a healthy partnership, shared experiences are crucial.

Spiritual Intimacy

Seeing how you are both connected to the cosmos by opening your emotions to each other. Both religious rituals and yogic practices can be very helpful to a healthy intimacy.

No longer wonder why your relationship seems so empty.



My thoughts begin to fly where true experience meets theories. A practitioner of LOA vibes & an Independent counseling psychology researcher.

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Prasangi Kapuduwa

My thoughts begin to fly where true experience meets theories. A practitioner of LOA vibes & an Independent counseling psychology researcher.